JSC "FEA "Mashpriborintorg"

    JSC "FEA "Mashpriborintorg" is active in the market of high-tech equipment, machinery and spare parts for the benefit of electronic, engineering, aviation, shipbuilding enterprises and various federal agencies. The company carries out export-import operations as well as supplies from Russian producers. Among carried-out export projects are promotion of the Russian companies’ products to the world market, including electronic equipment of civil and dual-use purpose (wire, radio-relay and radio communication facilities, electronic and measuring devices, television and acoustic equipment, computing machinery and special technical facilities). JSC "FEA “Mashpriborintorg” maintains partnership with leading Russian development institutes and manufacturing plants.

    Our advantages

    The equipment delivered by JSC “FEA “Mashpriborintorg” is quickly installed and put into operation. It is provided with guarantee and after-guarantee service as well as personnel training to use it.

    JSC “FEA “Mashpriborintorg” has well-established business relations with many foreign companies in different regions of the world, as well as the representatives in the USA, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, Japan, China, the Republic of South Africa and in Cuba. Due to this our company has an opportunity to offer our clients wider range of services, than the separate representations of foreign firms in Russia.

    JSC “FEA “Mashpriborintorg” has broad experience of cooperation with customs authorities and transport organizations that allow considerably reducing the cost of equipment and providing delivery and customs registration of freights in the shortest terms. Foreign credits and leasing companies services can be attracted, if necessary.

    Potential which JSC “FEA “Mashpriborintorg” possesses and traditionally low rate of commission charges, guarantee our clients high quality of contract execution and considerable money saving.

    Call us! Our experts will help you to choose the equipment which will conform to your production requirements and price expectations.