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FEA “Mashpriborintorg” has well-established business relations with many foreign companies in different regions of the world, as well as the representatives in the USA, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, Japan, China, the Republic of South Africa and in Cuba.

Due to this our company has an opportunity to offer our clients wider range of services than the separate representations of foreign firms in Russia.

The ESPEC Corporation produces 30% of the climate testing equipment for environment influence of the total amount of the world’s market.

MICROTEST CORP is the advanced Taiwan producer of the control and measuring equipment and one of the leading suppliers of the equipment for a wide range of testing and measurements tasks. FEA “Mashpriborintorg” is the exclusive representative of the MICROTEST CORP in Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Baltic States.

UNITECH (Germany)
FEA “Mashpriborintorg” is the official partner of the UNITECH Company, which is a large European manufacturer and supplier of the hi-tech metalworking equipment. The UNITECH Company produces a wide range of modern machining centers, milling, turning and other types of machine tools conforming to international quality standards.

The supplier of the telecommunication equipment from a warehouse in Riga under its own brand UNICA. BELOTEKS offers also a wide range of cable production, telecommunication cases and active equipment, routers and LevelOne switchboards, uninterruptible power supplies and others.